Speaking Opportunities

The ATD Smoky Mountain Chapter is always looking for exciting and engaging presenters for our monthly Chapter meetings.  Presenters at our Chapter events reach all segments of the talent development community, including:

  • Trainers
  • Instructional Designers
  • Human Resources Professionals
  • Technology Specialists
  • Managers and Executives
  • Internal and External Consultants
  • Leaders from various industries including Higher Education, Healthcare, Finance, and Entertainment

The first step to presenting to the ATD Smoky Mountain Chapter is to complete our Presenter Application below.  Once completed and submitted, our Programming team will be in contact to discuss.

Chapter Expectations

The ATD Smoky Mountain Chapter seeks inspirational presenters who will engage the audience in discussion, fun, and most importantly, learning.  Successful presentations can include some or all of these techniques:

  • A strong opening and closing
  • Effective audiovisual materials and handouts
  • Dialogue and communication with the audience
  • Case studies or real-world examples (including results achieved)
  • Contact information for follow-up questions or comments
  • Giveaways, door prizes, or special offers

The Chapter expects presenters to share their expertise and knowledge in an engaging way.  Speakers should avoid reading slides verbatim or making a sales pitch during the actual presentation. 

Speakers are asked to focus their presentations on the ATD Talent Development Capability Model to help educate members, guests, and students.  Presentations should last approximately 45 minutes, to allow time for announcements and questions during the one-hour meeting. 

For in-person presentations, networking time is available before and after the presentation.  Presenters are encouraged to arrive early to set up business cards, promotional materials, or giveaways at the registration area.  Additionally, presenters can collect business cards from participants, provide a sign-up sheet for participants to request additional information, and promote mailing lists for participants to join during this networking time.

For virtual presentations, presenters are welcome to share their information on handouts to be distributed before the workshop.  Presenters can also invite participants to connect on social media or join their mailing list.

Meeting registration (including lunch or dinner if provided) is complimentary for the monthly presenter(s).  The ATD Smoky Mountain Chapter cannot provide or reimburse travel expenses, nor provide payment for most speaking engagements.

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