About the Chapter

Who We Are

Our members work in hundreds of organizations of all sizes, in government, as independent consultants, and suppliers. Members invest in their professional development by joining a network that connects workplace Talent Development professionals in the area and across the global community.

Why We Exist 

The ATD Smoky Mountain Chapter provides an environment for Talent Development professionals in East Tennessee to:
  • Stay informed about current trends in professional training through access to subject matter experts, speakers, and trainers in the local area
  • Engage with peers to spark innovation, creativity, and continuous improvement
  • Develop professionally in learning and performance 
  • Showcase KSAs during 30-second introductory spots at monthly meetings (jobseekers)
  • Market their organizations on a Member Connections web page

What We Do

We provide opportunities for members, students, and guests to participate in:

  • Meetings and workshops with professional speakers in the field; some programs are suitable for recertification approval by professional associations
  • Informal gatherings to learn from each other
  • Committees related to programs, technology, marketing, and membership to strengthen the organization
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